Happy & Healthy With My New Adult Tricycle

Hi everyone,

My name is Faye & I felt compelled to tell everyone about my experience with Comfort Cycles. About 2 months ago I realized I had to do something to improve my health. My recent visit to the doctor shocked me. I was told my blood pressure & sugar were through the roof. My doctor told me if I did not do something fast, I had a high chance of having a stroke & that scared me. When I returned home later in the day, I immediately threw out all of the chocolate that I had been hiding from my children & poured out all the soda I had in the fridge.

The next morning when I woke up I realized that even though that was a good start, it was not enough. For years I have seen people riding 3 wheel adult tricycles here in Bradenton Florida. My neighbor down the street rides hers often. I have never felt safe on a regular 2 wheel bicycle because of balance issues. When I did a search online I came upon an advertisement from Comfort Cycles adult tricycles. I called & spoke to a man named Jim who suggested I come by their warehouse & test ride several different models. When I arrived they had over a dozen new adult tricycles assembled & ready to test out. I first tried a single speed tricycle model & then the 6 speed tricycle model. I feel in love with their low step tricycle because it is very low in the center so I do not have to lift my legs up high. Many of the tricycles I have seen are too high for me to step over onto them.

After I made my selection I was surprised to find out that they offer local delivery and setup for a very small fee. I scheduled for them to bring it the next morning. Jim showed up about 11am the next day & before I could even walk outside he already had the seat and handlebars adjusted for me. He had me ride it around for a few minutes before he left to make sure everything was properly adjusted for me. In the beginning I was afraid I would not be able to ride one for fear of falling off. Through the help of Comfort Cycles & my willingness to be more physically active in life, I ride my new trike every day now. My children tell me they are so proud of me, & when I went back to the doctor a couple of weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to find out I have lost 4 pounds, my sugar level is manageable, & my blood pressure is down!

To all the people out there considering getting a 3 wheel bicycle I highly recommend it, it has been a life changer for me. I will continue enjoying every day I have here & live my life to the best of my ability. Thank you so much Jim & Comfort Cycles for giving me my health, Independence & freedom back!



Faye J